Welcome to MI Property Deals

It is important that you know exactly who we are and what we do.  First, you need to know that MI Property Deals, LLC is not a Real Estate company.  We deal with Real Estate and have a licensed Real Estate agent on staff but our focus is on representing you in the process of finding and purchasing or renting a home.  We are not a construction company, although we do have a licensed contractor on staff and we know and work with others.  We help you prioritize any home improvements and we help manage the process, saving you time, money and energy.

We are consultants that help put together remarkable deals on homes and property.  Our goal is to facilitate the home buying and renting process making it as easy, care-free, and as efficient and low-cost as possible.  Once we help you find the right place, we negotiate the deal for you – we are great at negotiating super deals!  After you’ve closed on the house we can help in prioritizing any work that may be necessary and coordinate the contractors.  We can also act as your agent if you want to rent your house to others.  MI Property Deals will also maintain your property for you, so you can just relax.


Socially Responsible

We are also a community-minded organization that helps people with poor credit find a home that will work for them . . . check out our “Community” page.

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